Introduction to Writing Your Resume and Interviewing


Do you have the skills for the job or internship?

Now that you have learned what it takes to wow an employer with a resume highlighting the skills you have to do the job, and are one step closer to an interview invitation.


Will you do the job or internship?

Now that you have conveyed how your goals and motivation align with the company and will motivate you to do the job or internship, you have earned yourself an opportunity to interview.


Will you fit into the organization and culture?

Now that you have determined how to best utilize an interview for telling your career story, expressing your identity, and communicating your value to the company, you should be at the top of the candidate list.

Review & Reflect

In this lesson, you will review and reflect on the knowldege you have gained and apply it to practical scenarios. Take a look at the scenarios in this lesson and determine if you have the skills, motiavtion, and fit to get the job.