Introduction to Writing Your Resume and Interviewing


Do you have the skill for the job or internship?
Now that you have learned what it takes to wow an employer with a resume which highlights the skills you have to do the job, you are one step closer to an invitation to an interview.


An employer is interested in more than just your skill set; they want to know what you have researched about their organization, how your goals align with their objectives, and how you will contribute your talents to their needs. At the end of the day, the employer is most concerned with answering the question: Will you do the job or internship? In this lesson, we will discuss how you leverage job search letters to convey your motivation towards the position, the organization, and your sense of professionalism.


The employer will use an interview to assess who you are as a person and how your personality, values, and interests will add value to the organization. The “Fit” lesson will discuss how to utilize an interview to tell your career story and express your identity so an employer can answer the question: Will you fit into the organization and culture?