Tips for Identifying Culturally-Sensitive Companies

Some diverse special populations may want to identify culturally-sensitive companies to apply to. You’ll want to do a little investigatory work ahead of time. Here are some tips that will guide you when you are trying to determine if a company is culturally sensitive:

  • Search for employee photographs. Photographs can give a good indication of not only a company’s diversity, but also its promotion practices.
  • Employ the “six degrees of separation” strategy. See if you know someone who knows someone who works for the company in question. Get the inside scoop on company politics.
  • Do your homework; look carefully over the company’s literature. Check organization’s mission and history as well as their values. Do they resonate with yours?
  • If you are very concerned, expand your research to include any possible EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities) lawsuits pending against the company. You may search a legal database such as the LexisNexis Communities website.
  • Learn about their non-discrimination policy (e.g., "move-in" vs. "move-up" policy).
  • Become aware of the company-wide education policies to raise awareness of diversity issues.


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