More Tips for Identifying Culturally-Sensitive Companies

Here are some additional tips to help with your search for culturally-sensitive companies:

  • Research professional development and training opportunities.
  • Become acquainted with equitable benefits programming and pay equity.
  • Gain knowledge of employee resources and the existence of support or mentoring groups.
  • Study how much demonstration or public support to diversity issues the company has in the community.
  • Find out if the company fosters a safe work environment.
  • Gain a sense of how rigid the institution may be towards the balance of family and work.


Resources You Can Use to Search for Culturally-Sensitive Companies

You may want to consider these resources when searching for culturally-sensitive companies:

You may need to use some of these tips with your upcoming job searches. Print out the Tips on Searching for Culturally-Sensitive Companies job aid, and keep it handy as you begin your search! 

If you are interested in grad or professional school, you may find the tips on the next page helpful in your search for culturally diverse programs.