Identifying Grad Schools that Match Your Interest



Graduates may also be assessing diversity in grad schools/programs and professional schools. Here are some tips to help with your search for culturally-sensitive grad programs or professional schools that match your interest:




  • Do your homework; look carefully over the university’s literature and website.
  • Brief through the university’s mission statement.
  • Examine the interactions of the program, and study the university demographics.
  • Are you finding diverse populations in positions of authority as you scan the website pictures?
  • Is diversity emphasized by the faculty in terms of tenure, type of service, and research interests?
  • Review the curriculum – ascertain when classes are offered, and whether they are part-time or full-time.
  • What are the practicum settings? Are they of interest to you?
  • Review the university services and check for an Office of International Education/Affairs, Multicultural Centers, and offices of Diversity and Inclusion. This may give you an indication of their commitment to diversity.
  • Check for their commitment level to community service opportunities and student activities.
  • Are graduate assistantship opportunities available? Do they offer application fee waivers?
  • Do they offer mentoring groups?


Some of these tips may come in handy with your upcoming grad school searches. Print out the Tips on Searching for Culturally-Sensitive Grad Schools job aid, and keep it for future reference.


Before we move on, let’s do a quick assessment to see what you remember from this lesson.