Disability Disclosure: Sample Text You Can Use

What if disclosure is the only way to protect the applicants' legal right to any accommodations they might need to get or keep a job?

Disability Disclosure Sample Text

If you need to disclose a specific disability, you can use the following sample text in a written or conversational scenario. Fill in your specific information, as necessary:

              "I have [preferred term for disability] that I am recovering from. Currently, I can/have [the skills required to] do 
              [the main duties] of the job, but sometimes [functional limitations] interfere with my ability to [duties you may 
              have trouble performing]."

              “It helps if I have [name the specific accommodations you need]. I work best when [list any other 
              accomodations that will help you perform your job tasks]." 

These paragraphs are samples, and you can adjust the text to fit your needs. If you want to keep these samples for future reference, please print out the Sample Text for Disability Disclosure job aid.

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