Lesson Introduction

In today’s world, modern businesses, organizations, and universities are rich with diverse and cultural populations. These groups of individuals add skills, experiences, and values that positively impact everyone on the job or in a grad program. Management teams quickly recognize and appreciate the benefits of utilizing a diverse workforce, and continually encourage individuality as it builds continuity and business strength. In this lesson, you will learn:

  • The types of diversity training you may expect to encounter in the workplace
  • How companies, organizations, and schools are actively advocating diversity on the job
  • Resources you may access, and the steps you can take when filing a claim if you feel that a company/school has acted illegally regarding a diversity-sensitive issue

Generally speaking, most employers embrace diversity and integrate it into their business and programs. On the next page, we’ll begin our discussion by taking a look at what you should expect in terms of diversity training and cultural consciousness in the workplace.