Lesson Introduction

This is an exciting time in your life, and you should feel as comfortable highlighting your skills as you do with marketing your diversity to a future employer or grad school. The reality is not every employer may understand the opportunities that diverse populations can bring to the workplace or graduate program/professional school. So, it’s important that YOU are aware of your opportunities, know your legal rights, and are ready to educate your employers on what you can bring to them as an employee/student with diverse and cultural offerings!

In this lesson, you will learn important methods to market yourself to a prospective employer or grad school using:

  • Tips for building your resume, cover letter, and statement of intent (grad school) to best demonstrate your cross-cultural skills
  • Acceptable questions that you may ask an interviewer so that you can determine the organization’s (or grad school’s) level of sensitivity toward diverse populations
  • Resources and actions that you may take in the event that you encounter illegal questions during an interview

Ready to begin? On the next two pages, we’ll examine helpful tips you can use to highlight (without disclosure) those diversity skills you’ve learned, and cultural experiences you’ve engaged in, while in college or on the job.