Introduction to Navigating the Organizational Culture

Transitioning from college life to professional life implies learning a new set of rules to build your credibility and establish yourself as a professional in the workplace.You will need to find your fit into a new culture – the organizational culture!

This first year is critical as it will have a major impact on your future salary, advancement, sense of personal meaning, and overall job satisfaction.



In this lesson, you will learn:

  • What organizational culture is, and the elements that comprise it
  • The importance of how an organizational culture impacts you as you successfully perform your job tasks
  • Techniques to quickly identify and navigate the organizational culture of your workplace

You may be asking yourself: “So what is organizational culture?”

Let’s listen as former OSU Engineering Career Services staff member, Rachel Ligman, interviews Rick Martin, an Organizational Development Consultant with the Office of Human Resources at OSU, as he describes what organizational culture consists of:


Now that you know what organizational culture is, on the next page you’ll learn why it’s important to your employment success.