What Is a Job Fair?


A job fair brings together job seekers and employers with a variety of opportunities. In this lesson, we will learn:

  • How to leverage a job fair, and the incomparable number of introductions (and sometimes) interviews, it can provide.

A job fair is one of the quickest ways to get connected with an employer, and there is often more than one way to get a job through a job fair. It is important that you ask yourself what you would like to get out of the job fair. Job/internship fairs represent an opportunity to:

  • Establish contacts and build a job search network
  • Explore opportunities available in your field
  • Gather information about companies
  • Submit your resume and/or arrange for interviews
  • Find a job or internship
  • Meet with new and less familiar companies in your field

So, how might a job fair help in your career/internship search? On the next page, you can reflect on exactly what you would like to accomplish by attending a job fair.