Lesson Introduction

All of your preparation, practice, and interviewing has paid off! You’ve been offered a job, or you may have received more than one offer. Congratulations! You’re now ready to end the search phase, and begin your professional employment/grad school program. Before you head out the door to your job, there are some important choices and pertinent communication that you must make. So, keep your professional job etiquette skills sharp, and let’s get started.



Choosing a job offer can be exciting as well as a little stressful; however, the information presented in this lesson will help ease your stress when you learn:

  • The process you should take when accepting/declining an employment offer
  • Negotiation steps and actions to take when you have more than one job offer
  • Important criteria you should evaluate when choosing among job offers

Let’s start off by learning the communication etiquette of accepting/declining a job offer.