Introduction to Polishing Your Job Etiquette Skills

As you listened to this video, you learned that your future employers are looking for poise, professional attitude, a strong portfolio, and polished etiquette skills. You need to be aware that you’re expected to approach the interview and future business interactions/communication with professional integrity. This is vital to successfully search for a job/grad school situation. This module will assist you in developing etiquette skills needed to conduct yourself professionally in those situations where you will need to interact and/or negotiate with potential employers. In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Develop dining etiquette skills
  • Acquire business communication skills, including building your confidence with cross-cultural situations
  • Create your personal branding
  • Negotiate salary when appropriate
  • Choose among job offers

Before we get to the details of our first lesson on dining etiquette skills, let’s take a minute to look at a quick definition of “business etiquette.”