Major Research


In order to determine if any of the majors you identified appeal to you, it is imperative that you collect information about each of the majors and consider the following questions:

  • What would I enjoy about the course work required for these majors?
  • What would I find difficult about the course work required for these majors?
  • Do I enjoy the skills that these majors require?
  • Is it possible to combine my interests in multiple disciplines (e.g., minors, double majors, and future graduate school)?
  • What occupations correspond to these majors?
  • Would I enjoy these occupations?
  • Am I considering any of these majors just to please others?
  • What criteria do I need to meet in order to be accepted into a particular major?
  • What is the academic background required for the major? 

To help you in gathering information about majors, use the job aid linked here. Please remember to use one handout for each major you are researching.