Your Decision-Making Strategy(ies)

Recent literature suggests that most people will utilize one or more decision-making styles and considerations when making choices.

Which of these styles most closely resembles how you are approaching the decision of selecting a major and/or career?

  • Procrastinator: I know I must make a decision but will put it off as long as possible
  • Impulsive: I take the first choice that seems reasonable without looking at other options or gathering information
  • Fatalistic: I will leave the decision to fate since I have very little control over it.
  • Agonizing: I have invested so much time and thought into possible majors/careers that I feel overwhelmed and can’t decide.
  • Compliant: I think it is best if someone else who knows more about the subject makes the decision for me. However, we need to be mindful of cultural backgrounds with this style, and acknowledge that this may be an appropriate way that one would make choices using this style. 
  • Intuitive: I will make a decision when it feels right.
  • Planful: I will make a decision based on an orderly, rational process that requires solid information and reflection, and involves both thinking and feeling.

Adapted from: Selecting a College Major Sears and Gordon 6th edition Prentice Hall (2010)