More Reasons to Attend Graduate School

Photo of a female student in graduation cap and gown holding sign


In addition to the need for additional training and desire to advance, here are some other reasons that people give for applying:

  • Your family/friends/significant other think that you should.
  • Prestige is very important to you, and a graduate degree, especially from a top school, will enhance your personal image.
  • You're smart and the best way to prove it is to get an advanced degree.
  • The job market is really bad right now and it's difficult to find a job. So, you just defer looking.

As you can see, there are good reasons to go to graduate school, and then there are some reasons that, upon further examination, are very shaky justifications for furthering your education. It is very important that you understand the advantages and drawbacks of graduate school, and that you are clear on your personal motivation for attending.