Lesson Summary


What is the best decision for you?

Review all of the information you have gathered in this module. Based on your notes:

  • Are you a good candidate for graduate school? Is now the right time to apply? If so congratulations! Please continue on to the next lessons to obtain more information about identifying good programs and completing the application process.
  • Are you a good candidate for graduate school, but you need to wait until later to apply? Again, congratulations!  You have laid a good foundation, and should review the information in the next lessons to get an overview of what you will need to do when it's time to apply.
  • Are you uncertain about whether graduate school is the right next step for you? It's good to recognize this before you spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the application process. You may want to review the information about choosing a graduate program to get a better idea of how well your career goals align with graduate education. Or, it may be time to access the many job search resources that are available on campus.