Deferring Your Application until Later

Photo of a man working at a computer late at night


Some reasons for waiting before going to graduate or professional school may include:

  • The school(s) you are applying to require work experience.
  • You need to gain more insight into your career goals.
  • You will have a more mature point of view on school and work.
  • Employers may assume part or all of the cost of your graduate school expenses.
  • You do not have the energy to invest in another degree at this time.
  • You do not have the financial resources to invest in another degree at this time.

Each of these points are valid reasons for waiting until later to continue your education. Bullet points one, five, and six are particularly important considerations in your decision-making process. You will waste time, money, and energy if you do not have the required credentials for admission, or if your current energy level and financial resources are in a less than optimal state.