Gaining funding for graduate education can be a challenge.  While some programs may offer teaching or research assistantships that include tuition and a stipend, many students will be responsible for funding their entire program themselves. This is especially true for Master's level and professional doctoral degrees. Details about funding sources are in Lesson Five, Costs for Graduate School and Sources of Financial Aid.  Here are a few questions to consider as you begin to think about how you will finance your degree:

  • What are the tuition and fees for the program(s) I am considering?
  • Are there additional required expenses (e.g., for equipment and supplies)?
  • What types of financial aid are available, if any?
  • For public universities, what are the state requirements for becoming a resident (i.e., how soon can you become a resident to reduce your tuition)?
  • If loans will be your primary source of funding, how much educational debt do you already have?