Campus Facilities and Support Systems

Photo of a group of students working on a project in the library


 If you are planning to complete your graduate education on campus, facilities and support systems should be an important part of your program evaluation. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What is the quality of the library, recreation center, athletic facilities, health service, counseling centers, and other areas designed for studying, student interaction and student support and wellness?
  • What programs and facilities support special populations on campus? Does the university-wide education raise awareness of diversity issues and public support (i.e., diversity plan, diversity lectures, public campaign)?
  • Is there adequate computer support (e.g., wireless networks, help desks)?
  • How comfortable are the classrooms?
  • If planning to live on campus, how about the quality of residence life?
  • If living off-campus, are there acceptable housing options within a reasonable distance from campus?