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What Is OnPACE?

OnPACE is a series of self-guided career modules that can assist you in learning more about yourself and choosing a major(s)/careers, applying to grad school, and preparing to enter the workforce as a responsible, global citizen.

To expand upon your OnPACE experience, visit your College Career Services Office and local Campus Resources!

For questions, please contact Ana Berrios Allison, Ph.D. (berrios.7@osu.edu). If you desire a demonstration, please call 614-688-6898 (or email above).

How to Use OnPACE

Changes in the workplace will require you to manage your choices proactively by being adaptable, self-initiating, and collaborative. With OnPACE, you will similarly manage and complete each module based on your career needs and/or following a step by step approach. It's your job to keep the pace!

Your future is up in the air...

...where you land is up to you.

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